Soap Collaborative Issue 1




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In This Issue:

Beeswax and Oatmeal Swirled Soap by Kathryn Hackney (p 7)
Interview with Michelle Rhoades by Renee Lillie (p 9)
Three Steps to Clarity & Purpose by Benjamin Aaron (p 11)
The Aromatic Symphony of Essential Oils by Theresa Mendez (p 16)
Vintage Embed Valentine Soap by Amanda Gail (p 18)
Retail Ready: Charlene’s 12 Steps to Retail Success – Step 1 by Charlene Simon (p 22)
Get Social: Grow Your Brand with Facebook by Tanya Rasley (p 24)
Romantic Massage Candles by Holly Port (p 26)

Welcome to the first edition of the Soap Collaborative!

The Lovin’ Soap Project Collaborative is a monthly E-zine of collective tutorials, recipes, business advice, marketing advice and retail advice from the handcrafted soapmaking and bath & body industries’ top leaders!

When trying to come up with fundraising and “thank you” ideas to help support the efforts of the Lovin’ Soap Project, we decided on a monthly publication that would go out to all of our monthly donors who sign up for a recurrent donation of $10 or more.  We are grateful for your support and the Soap Collaborative is our way of saying THANK YOU for being a part of the Lovin’ Soap Project community.


This issue is packed with inspiring business advice from Benjamin Aaron who is well on his way to being our industry’s top motivational business coach.  If you haven’t been lucky enough to sit down with him and talk, reading his article is the next best way to glean some of his inspirational and motivational tips, tricks and thought processes for blazing your trail towards success.

In Retail Ready, Charlene Simon talks about creating a fairy tale ending for your business.  She’ll help you reach for the stars and visualize your happily ever after.

Next up, social media guru for Lovin’ Soap Project, Tanya Rasley talks about using Facebook to grow your business.  She talks about the “why’s” and “how’s” and gives some great pointers to grow your audience and communicate with them.

It’s a bit late to make more cold process soap for Valentines (not enough cure time) but we’ve got two projects that you can make in time if you need some last minute products or gifts.  Holly Port shows us how to make two different massage candles.  Whether you’re feeling naughty or nice…these massage candles will add some fun to any intimate Valentines Day get together.  Amanda offers an adorable project using vintage Valentine picture embeds in melt and pour soap to create unique and stunning last minute Valentine gifts.

Kathryn Hackney joins in the fun and walks us through the process of adding beeswax to cold process soap.

Theresa Mendez talks about the symphony of essential oils.

And last but not least…Renee Lillie sits down (virtually) with the fabulous Michelle Rhoades and delivers us a wonderful interview.  You’ll learn a little about Michelle, her business, Mossy Creek Soap Studio and why she supports the Lovin’ Soap Project.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of our generous Soap Collaborative contributors who took the time to share amazing info, advice and tutorials with us to share with you.

And a special THANK YOU to our subscribers, who are signed up for Lovin’ Soap Project’s monthly donation program.  Our monthly donation program is the BEST way to help support the efforts of LSP and our mission to empower women with economic opportunity through teaching the business of soapmaking!  We can’t do what we do without your support.  We are grateful for you.

Sit down, grab a cup of your favorite liquid and enjoy this first edition of the Soap Collaborative!

-Amanda Gail


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