Soap Collaborative Issue 10




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In This Issue:

Herbs and Spices for the Holidays by Sheila Aaron (p 7)
Silky Smooth Peppermint Lip Balm by Amy Warden (p 11)
Hot Process Lump of Coal Soap by Kathy White (p 12)
Holiday Room Spritzers and Blends by Theresa Mendez (p 15)
Three Scrubs for the Season by Amanda Gail & Benjamin Aaron (p 17)
Best Business Advice from Industry Leaders by Angela Carillo (p 19)
Coffee Beans for Olfactory Overload by Kathy White (p 24)
Interview with Deborah Bruijn of Fairhope Soap Company by Renee Lillie (p 25)
Mocha Mint Clay Masks by Tanya Rasley (p 28)



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