Soap Collaborative Issue 2




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In This Issue:

Creative Funding Options for Growing Micro Businesses by La Shonda Tyree (p7)
An Interview with Carrie and Darren Seibert of Simply 7 Skincare and Engraving Works by Renee Lillie (p9)
Solid and Roll-on Perfumes by Holly Port (p13)
Charlene’s 12 Steps to Retail Success! STEP 2: Create your perfect customer so the imperfect customer doesn’t create you by Charlene Simon (p16)
From the Garden: Patchouli, Exotic Scent of Choice or Just a Yukky Smell? by Sheila Aaron (p20)
Scrubby Coffee Soap for Garden Hands by Amanda Gail (p22)
Explore Your Garden with Rose Colored Glasses – Make Your Own Hydrosols by Theresa Mendez (p26)
Get Your Facebook Fans’ Attention with Visual Banners for Promoting Sales and Discount Coupons Using
PicMonkey by Tanya Rasley (p28)
Live a Life Free of Complaints by Benjamin Aaron (p32)

Welcome to the second issue of the Soap Collaborative!

The Soap Collaborative is a monthly E-zine of collective tutorials, recipes, business advice, marketing advice and retail advice from the handcrafted soapmaking and bath & body industries’ top leaders!

When trying to come up with fundraising and “thank you” ideas to help support the efforts of the Lovin’ Soap Project, we decided on a monthly publication that would go out to all of our monthly donors who sign up for a recurrent donation of $10 or more. We are grateful for your support and the Soap Collaborative is our way of saying THANK YOU for being a part of the Lovin’ Soap Project community.


We have a wonderful issue of Soap Collaborative this month full of inspiring articles, tutorials and conversation.

We welcome two new contributors, Sheila Aaron of Prairie Soap Company (Benjamin’s Mama Sheila) and the fabulous La Shonda Tyree from Handmade Soap Coach! Sheila’s article talks about getting her start into soapmaking by way of gardening and shares with us one of her favorite garden herbs. Love it or hate it, patchouli is an aroma that people get passionate about!

La Shonda has some great advice when seeking out creative ways to source funding for a growing micro-business. From crowd funding to local business competitions, she goes through several creative funding avenues you can look into to get the funds needed for a business boost.

Holly Port’s last tutorial in Soap Collaborative Issue 1 was popular and inspiring, with pictures popping up on Facebook of people make their own massage candles for Valentines! She’s back this issue with a sweet little tutorial on how to make two kinds of perfumes. Solid perfumes in adorable little tins and roll on perfumes dressed up with herbs added to create a stunning visual effect.

I am getting geared up for garden weather in Texas. One of my first soaps I made when starting my soapmaking journey was a garden bar with coffee grounds. I’m going to show you how and provide you with a palm free, shea filled recipe.

Keeping with the garden theme, Theresa Mendez talks about how to make hydrosols.

Renee Lillie delivers another amazing interview with the inspiring Seibert duo of Simply 7 Skincare and Engraving Works – Carrie and Darren.

Benjamin Aaron’s article talks about living a life free of complaints.

Charlene Simon is back with another article in her retail ready series all about how to create the perfect customer so that the imperfect customer doesn’t make you.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of our generous Soap Collaborative contributors who took the time to share amazing info, advice and tutorials with us to share with you.

And a special THANK YOU to our subscribers, who are signed up for Lovin’ Soap Project’s monthly donation program. Our monthly donation program is the BEST way to help support the efforts of LSP and our mission to empower women with economic opportunity through teaching the business of soapmaking! We can’t do what we do without your support. We are grateful for you.

Sit down, grab a cup of your favorite liquid and enjoy this first edition of the Soap Collaborative!

-Amanda Gail


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